Several months ago, I completely stepped away from my blog. I was making a move to a new city. My health issues with my autoimmune disease had gotten out of hand. And to be honest, I hadn’t been very consistent with my writing. In fact, I hadn’t done any writing at all. I was questioning why I still wanted to keep Every Single Dollar around. I was searching out a lot of whys in my life and I needed to step back to take a look at the big picture.

Stepping away from the blog was probably the best thing I could have done. I mean, I had so much else going on in my life that I didn’t have the time or mental resources to give anything to Every Single Dollar. I had more pressing issues to deal with, like a new job, trying to find my way around a new town, and most importantly, figuring out how to take care of my health. I knew that if I wanted to be of service to others, I needed to take care of myself. Like the adage, “Make sure your oxygen mask is on before assisting others.” I knew that I couldn’t help anyone else if I didn’t address the health issues that were plaguing me – my weight and my autoimmune symptoms.

So, I got to work. I started by eliminating certain foods from my diet. I started taking daily walks and found some amazing hiking trails near my home to spend more time outdoors. I added prayer and meditation time to my morning routine. I started cooking at home – something that this single woman was not doing at all (takeout is so much easier most days). I got back to basics with my budgeting and really started getting a handle on my spending. I started to make my own life and well-being a priority. And through that process, I started thinking more and more about my blog and my mission.

I started thinking back to why I wanted to start Every Single Dollar. What was it that drove me to start blogging in the first place? As I took more walks and spent more time cooking, the answers and the drive and the passion started to come back.

I started this blog because I wanted to provide a resource and inspiration for other single women who feel like there is no one in the world talking to them about money and money issues. The women who felt like I did back in 2010 when I started my debt-free journey. And while I had amazing resources that motivated and inspired me to keep going, I never felt like there was someone talking to ME.

Someone who looked and talked and lived life like me. Who had to make decisions based on the lens of being single and female and trying to navigate all these money decisions and issues on her own. Money is such a weird and odd topic that we don’t talk about out loud – even with our closest friends. So, if we aren’t with a spouse who we can work with together with on finances – bounce ideas off each other, seek counsel from each other – who the hell are we supposed to turn to??

This is my why. This is why I started Every Single Dollar.

I want to help other single women feel like they are not alone. I want to show them that there is someone out there who understands their pain and frustration when it comes to money.  A shoulder to cry on, a big sister or close friend that they can go to for advice on any money topic. Because these women are truly capable of making an extraordinary mark on the world. But that takes having your financial life in order so that you can make those huge life goals a reality. I want to make sure those amazing goals are reached so that this world becomes a better place.

So oddly enough, stepping away from the blog was the best way for me to become clear on what my goals are for Every Single Dollar. It’s about helping single women create amazing lives so they can accomplish some pretty badass stuff in the world. It’s about making sure that they are taking care of the behind-the-scenes finances, so those goals are reached. It’s instilling confidence in single women that they are more than capable of making major financial decisions on their own – all they need is a little information and guidance.

I can tell you with full confidence that I am excited – no, ESTATIC, to be back writing on the blog. There’s a new-found energy and renewed passion I am harnessing that I plan to bring to Every Single Dollar. I am so grateful that you are here to be part of the journey and my hope is to inspire and motivate other single women to make some amazing changes to their lives.

Thank you to all who have supported me over the years. I look forward to seeing what happens with Every Single Dollar and all the amazing transformation that will result from this re-start,

To our amazing lives!