Every Single Dollar

Personal Finance Through The Eyes Of A Single Woman

Wouldn’t it be great to hear personal finance advice from someone who walks in your shoes?

That’s why Every Single Dollar was created – personal finance for the single woman. It’s the personal finance resource designed to address personal finance with your life in mind. From budgeting & savings to insurance and retirement, Every Single Dollar will provide information presented from the single woman’s point of view so that you can make informed financial decisions and set yourself up for financial success.




What You Need to Know About Money Mindset

“You can do anything you put your mind to.” – Benjamin Franklin “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” – Napolean Hill Mind over matter. Do any of these sayings sound familiar? It’s easy to rattle these sayings off but it’s another thing...

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What My Mom Taught Me About Personal Finance

I want to introduce you to a pretty amazing woman in my life. My mom. Yes, the person who carried me for nine months through the horrendous Florida heat – no AC in the car. The woman who taught me how to read. The mom who made sure I brushed my teeth each night, said...

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