About Jessica

I used to think that debt would always be a way of life…

I sort of paid attention to my finances but thought I would worry about it later – when I was married with kids and a mortgage and when I needed to worry about it…

I didn’t realize how out of control my finances were – and that it was considered normal to be this out of control.

My story goes back to 2010 when I watched my grandmother balance her checkbook and reflected on the sacrifices she and my grandfather made coming to the US in 1962. With $100 in their pocket and only the clothes on their back, they started over, fleeing their Cuban homeland in search for a better life.

Watching her I realized that I was not taking care of my own financial situation and needed to address my financial habits.

The stark reality of $56,000 in debt was overwhelming, especially since I was facing it on my own. As I was working through a personal finance course to learn how to handle my money, I gained the belief that I could reach my goal of becoming debt free and gain control of my financial life. Through many ups and downs, I finally became debt free in March 2015.

Debt Free PhotoThroughout my debt free journey, I couldn’t find a program designed to address my personal finance needs as a single woman.  So I decided to created the community I wish I would have had when I was getting out of debt. My goal is to bring a message of hope to other single women like myself – to teach the principles of personal finance and instill the belief that they can achieve their financial goals – like getting out of debt, buying a home, or planning for retirement.

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your financial journey. I look forward to working with you and giving you the tools and support you need to make the best financial decisions for your life.