Every Single Dollar

Personal Finance for the Single Woman

Wouldn’t it be great to hear personal finance advice from someone who walks in your shoes?

That’s why Every Single Dollar was created – personal finance for the single woman. It’s the personal finance resource designed to address personal finance with your life in mind. From budgeting & savings to insurance and retirement, Every Single Dollar will provide information presented from the single woman’s point of view so that you can make informed financial decisions and set yourself up for financial success.







Hello – My Name Is Generation X

Millennials. Baby Boomers. As much as these generational groups hate to be stereotyped for their characteristics and behaviors, quite frankly, I am equally tired of hearing about them. All of the research dedicated to their lifestyle, their struggles, their woes. How...

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When Should You Have “The Talk”?

The Talk. Every dating couple comes to this crossroads where they need to bring up a very intimate and sensitive subject. It’s uncomfortable to talk about and brings out vulnerability and insecurities in both parties. Avoiding eye contact and the awkward silence when...

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Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes

It’s said that to understand what someone experiences in life, you need to walk a mile in their shoes. You need to experience what they are experiencing, the emotions they are feeling, and the resources available. It’s one of the reasons I can talk about getting out...

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