Every Single Dollar

Personal Finance for the Single Woman

Don’t Wait Until You Are Married

Now that I have your attention…I am sure this title has you intrigued.  Sounds like some war on morality? Nope. Not even close.   So what am I talking about? What I am talking about is taking care of your personal finances.  And not waiting until you walk down... read more

Debt Free Year One: How Life Has Changed

March 5, 2015 is like another birthday for me. That was the day that I became debt free.  I had so many emotions that day – from no emotion at first to utter disbelief and then crying at all the positive kudos I received from family and friends. It was a day that I... read more

So How About Those Resolutions?

Every year around this time in January, any hope of hanging on to a New Year’s resolution has pretty much diminished.  That’s if you can even remember what your New Year’s resolution was. This past Monday is known as Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the... read more

Personal finance is not “one-size-fits-all”. It should be tailored to your needs as a single woman. And what better place to get that information than from someone who has walked in your shoes.